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    Image of the navy blue and gold gusset Parisian shoulder bag.
    Image of the black and dark chocolate leather Parisian bag with side zippers opened.

    Parisian Bag


    Our Parisian shoulder bag is perfect for week-end adventures or daily errands.

    Truly versatile with a sophisticated twist, a 3D version of our classic clutch, this black chained straps handbag is the perfect companion for the hip stylish outings, adding an extra touch of femininity to your night out. The Parisian Bag features a zipper along the bottom to expand to accommodate larger items. Unzip to show off the bottom gusset design feature made in either tonal or contrasting leather. Zip for a more classic look when extra room isn’t a must. Highlighting her truly French chic work, this black leather chain shoulder bag is Gwen’s ultimate creative adventure as it combines imagination with technical skill in her favorite material. All the work put into this bag was really worth it for the eye-catching bottom detail. No matter what we carry with us, we will leave it unzipped!
    • Handcrafted with authentic leather.
    • One large pocket.
    • Finished with two zippers to expand the bag.
    • Size : 8.5 x 10.5