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From French department stores to Elphile.

Meet the designer behind the seams

Encounter the designer behind the scenes. Over 10 years in the world of high end Parisian department stores gave me a desire to create ELPHILE. Moving to Houston, Texas allowed me to expand my horizons outside the confines of French fashion. It truly let my creativity soar and has encouraged the entrepreneur in me. What a journey!

I design and create leather products with simple shapes and patterns. They have symmetry and proportion, reflecting the natural beauty of the leather. elphile combines purity and elegance, illustrates sobriety of color and refinement of materials and detail. The accessory is sometimes the main and lead actor, sometimes only the shy observer. Sublimated and worn when used, it tells your personal story.

What I’m looking for is to create this sweet alchemy – giving life, a soul and a personality to accessories and by extension the well-being of the wearer.

About The Harmony

Symmetry, nature, leather skin, detail, these words describe the brand.
In french, thread is ” fil”. the basic component of couture including clothing and accessories. Spinning in french is “filé” and in both we see the root “fi”, which can also be written as “Phi” representing the Golden Ratio, harmonious proportions.

Encounter the designer behind the scenes – I have that in mind, along with symmetry when I create. My brand name reflects these ideas:
el-Phi-le; symmetry and harmonious proportion combined.

In fact, the image in my logo was inspired by thread / fil as well representing a lace pattern. Lace tatting was the first technic that I learned with an old lace maker when I started to follow my “Inner Star”.



Meet the designer behind the seams.

After 10 years finding new designers and trends for LE PRINTEMPS high end Parisian department store across France, I took a chance for a new experience and moved with my family to a foreign country. This move gave me the opportunity to use my creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to found my own business: ELPHILE.

You know the old saying “You’ll never work a day in your life if you’re doing what you love.”, it’s true! I love building a sustainable, authentic brand identity reflecting my passion for leather, sewing, color and their creative combinations. And I love running my own business!

I love working with my clients and discovering their personalities via their purchases or custom orders and the ready made items they choose. Each piece I create is more than just a leather bag, its an extension of self, an outer representation of what lies within. Seeing clients happy while wearing the one that reflects themselves what they love fires me up.
I believe in authenticity, natural beauty and harmony. I believe in the simple things that keep it real.

Elphile is the fruit of hard work and the desire be one’s self; Elphile is the thread that binds, the connection between the creator and the wearer, between what is visible and what lay hidden.



Leather, a noble material

Leather is a universal material. From the begin, people have loved wearing leather as it continues to “touch” our senses. The material is from nature. It depends on the artist to transform it into a second skin that is used not only as a form of protection.
The natural nobility of leather make it an exceptional material. Leather is a part of our culture and fashion.
Natural cowhide is a material that has a noble and vivacious quality that makes it both suple and brilliant.
Moreover, it is important to know that leather is a natural product that always has differences in colors and marks. The color will become softer and more beautiful as time passes.



The French “savoir-faire” :
The French are known internationally to have a “savoir-faire” with fashion from the overall design to the finest details.
The high quality of their creations and their artistic orginality means that their influence is known worldwide.

Meet the designer behind the seams : the Elphile’s products are all created with natural materials, soft and comfortable to wear. The materials are exceptional and they make each piece unique. The work that goes into each piece enables the artist to bring out the beauty and soul of each- every piece permitting you to express your own style.
Discover more about my passion.


elphile is based in Houston.

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