Customize your Leather Beltway

Customize your Leather Beltway


The chic of being oneself : the leather Beltway combines Elegance, Creativity & French Flair!

The avant-garde leather beltway concept is an absolute show-stopper.

Introducing a revolutionary belt design with unconventional buckle placement on the side for easy adjustment, seamlessly enhancing your silhouette. The belt adds a stylish touch to pants or jeans, and you can personalize it by adding a custom leather front piece for a unique flair. Even without belt loops, this customization ensures a snug fit and injects elegance into your ensemble.

This concept stands out for its play with textures and hues. The reversible leather pieces, securely fastened to pant loops, along with the option to choose your hardware style and personalize the front piece, offer the option to harmonize or contrast your belt with your outfit. Perfect for various occasions, whether you prefer a polished, minimalistic look or aim to make a bold style statement, this belt concept empowers you to express your distinctive flair.

Embodying Gwen’s French flair and Italian craftsmanship, this creative leather beltway blends elphile’s key elements of success: innovation, savoir-faire, and meticulous attention to detail. Individually tailored, this belt is crafted to leave a lasting impression.

Italian craftsmanship with authentic leather
  • One BELT concept
  • 4 colors : Matte blue, Black, Dark chocolate, Caramel
  • 4 hardware styles : Silver, Gold, Antique Brass, Gun metal
  • 2 sizes (Size chart)
  • one customized leather front piece to be YOU

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Enhance your outfit and customize your leather beltway!

Firstly, dive into a captivating style journey that captures the rugged charm of the Western frontier, embodying cowboys and iconic elements like bolo ties, Stetson hats, and complemented by Colt guns. This narrative encapsulates the spirit of the American West, enriched by the allure of “La Parisienne,” The Book—a symbol of Parisian elegance and chic style. It represents a decade of my work at the renowned Printemps Haussmann.Le Printemps

Moreover, our unique creation seamlessly blends Italian craftsmanship with French flair. The result is an unparalleled product exuding elegance and sophisticated chic. At the heart of our vision lies a commitment to individual creativity. We extend an open invitation for everyone to become integral contributors to the creative process : Customize your leather beltway.

In the pursuit of goodness and kindness, we prioritize quality over quantity, going beyond mere finances. Furthermore, this fashion statement aligns perfectly with the current trend. Each customer becomes a curator, shaping a meaningful existence that resonates with their soul—a fashion hunter with an eye for the extraordinary.

Finally, embrace the essence of your belt : customize your leather beltway and explore the art of personalized fashion; it’s more than a mere accessory. It becomes a testament to your vibrant life—a cherished melody embodied in every stitch. It cradles your body and provides unwavering support on your unique journey.

Feel free to reach out and experience the epitome of style with us. Let this leather belt be your canvas—a symbol of timeless elegance. Whether drawn to the rugged West or Parisian chic, our belt is your ideal companion. Join our sartorial adventure; your outfit is a statement, and your belt is the exclamation mark of your individuality. Additionally, Get in touch; let your style speak volumes!


Additional information

Weight 0.65 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 15 × 0.65 in
Color Options

Black, Caramel, Dark Brown, Navy


Medium, Small

Hardware Style

Antique brass, Gold, Gunmetal, Silver

Front Accessory-curved-reversible. See colors in photos above

ANIMAL : Python-Shiny Black, BOLD : Shiny Grey/Black Stripes – Red Python, DESERT : Black-Beige Python, EAST : Blue Paisley-Caramel Suede, EXOTIC : Woven brown – caramel Python, OCEAN : Dark Blue Scales-Metallic-White Gold, ORIENT : Caramel Hair-Blue Byzanthine, REPTILE : Caramel Suede – Caramel Python, SAVANE : Leopard-Metallic Brown, SCALES : Black Fishscales-Shiny Black