Spacious Leather Belt Bag

Spacious Leather Belt Bag


This spacious leather belt bag is made for globetrotters !

It’s the perfect way to keep your essentials close, adding a touch of street style to your outfit. The large main compartment. accommodates your phone, passport, sunglasses, credit cards, and other essentials. Additionally, two small front pockets are perfect for your keys, lip gloss, and other small items.

At the bottom of the bag, two adjustable straps can secure an umbrella, sweater, or water bottle. This bag is ready for your next adventure, whether around the world or in your home city!

Choose between an adjustable webbing cotton shoulder strap or a chain for added versatility.”

  • Handmade with authentic leather.
  • One large pocket.
  • Size : 15 x 8
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Gwen’s quest for a modernized fanny pack leads her to jet-set with the spacious leather belt bag.

Linked to the ’80s or ’90s and the image of moms at amusement parks, belt bags are staging a comeback, gaining popularity as a reimagined trend. Fueled by the contemporary demand for convenient accessories during the pandemic, this resurgence is notable. In today’s era of remote work and home workouts, traditional handbags step aside. With limited destinations and minimal belongings, the hands-free fanny pack not only offers convenience but also acts as a pandemic-appropriate punctuation mark to our consistently casual outfits.

In fact, belt bags, versatile across the chest, bum, or shoulder, offer a refined casual appearance. They pair well with oversized shirts and jeans for a laid-back look or complement flouncy dresses and wedges for a more dressed-up vibe.

These accessories transcend practicality, adding street-style flair. Worn cross-body, they radiate chic elegance, suitable for diverse occasions. Additionally, with options ranging from bold prints to premium materials, there’s a tailored belt bag for every fashion-forward individual. To stay ahead, jet-set with the the spacious leather belt bag, elevating your fashion game with tradition.

To be clear, Elphile is a Texas-based brand founded by Gwen in 2013, a French girl, More about me when she moved to Houston. Her commitment reflects in crafting high-quality, handcrafted products with a French twist. Her products are mirrors of the blend of timeless elegance and a resilient can-do attitude. Moreover, inspired by French Fashion Houses and American entrepreneurship, Elphile’s bags epitomize deconstructed elegance-captivating enthusiasts of fine leather and style.

For a personalized touch, reach out; if you wish to select your own leather combination.


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Weight 0.65 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 15 × 0.65 in
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Black fringes, Leopard / Silver, Leopard Tan, Python / Silver, Shiny python, Black, Brown / Orange