About me

About Me : French Girl crafting Leather Bags & Belts in Houston.

My name is Gwen – About me : French girl crafting design bags in Houston, Texas, for lovers of leather and style. When we moved from Paris to Houston in 2011, I discovered  that I like rodeos and cowboys, but I really like leather boots and bags – usually the more fringe the better!

In December 2013 – after a few english and sewing tutorials – I founded elphile, a brand  dedicated to timeless leather accessories made for stylish girls who embrace classic look with a twist to express their individual, authentic character.

My design philosophy combines my appreciation for the tradition of beautiful leather craft in Texas with my passionate belief that the emotional dimension of a product can be revealed through the right cut and the thoughtful selection of bold, sophisticated details. The result is a collection of totes, clutches, purses and belts  – all handmade in my Texas studio, with a French touch. 
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Embrace the essence of your bag crafting by a French girl in Houston —a testament resonating with your vibrant life. More than just a bag, it cradles your hopes and ideas—a guiding light on your journey. Each stitch echoes your unwavering support, like a cherished melody.

Within, a world of possibilities unfolds—memories marking life’s profound moments. Sunglasses and flats find solace. Cashier receipts carry shared laughter, medals signify your achievements. Hair clips hold memories, while mascara adds allure to the canvas of your journey. From hat to toothbrush, your bag houses pieces of your days. Scarves and airpods find their place. Espresso awakens, the leather whispers stories of creativity, and confidence nestles in its corners with your charm. The thermos grounds you and the jumper cables connect you to fresh starts. The ticking of your watch guides your days, a time keeper. The bag on your shoulder follows you loyally, a love and treasure keeper.

An authentic bag serves as a tangible chapter in your narrative. Cherish it, for within its embrace, it carries more than belongings—it’s you.


Rock it your way!