unique mini clutch with motif in leather

unique mini clutch with motif in leather


Mini but mighty and full of character, this mini clutch has it all!

This mini leather clutch is your number one must have! The Josette pouch will become your most precious accessory home to your valuables and life necessities. A big role calls for an even bigger look, customize your pouch from leathers, to a wide array of lining fabrics! Choose a cow head cut out and a Texas inspired lining for a more cowboy casual look or opt for a sleek black leather and a dainty star cut out for a more sophisticated style! It features a zippered closure with a leather lace pull and ring. It’s a bag that reflects your beautiful personality and tastes. Make it even more personal with an embossed monogram.

  • Handmade with authentic leather
  • One pocket finished with metal zipper
  • Bespoke cut out
  • Personalized embossed monogram on demand
  • Size: 5.5*4 inch
  • Price: $65

Get in touch if you want to pick your own leather combination.

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Gwen’s unique mini clutch with motif in leather is handcrafted in her studio in Houston, Texas.

At Gwen’s studio, learning is a continuous process. She values the guidance of experienced individuals like Josette. I incorporate her expertise into my designs. So, when you purchase a mini clutch from Gwen, you know you’re supporting a local artisan. You will receive a one of a kind and well-crafted product. Her unique mini clutch with a motif is a testament to her creativity and skill. Handcrafted in her studio in Houston, Texas, each clutch is made with precision and care.

For those who love Texas, Gwen’s mini clutch with a Texas State motif lining is the perfect accessory to show their state pride. And for those who love color and bold patterns, Gwen has a variety of lining fabrics that will make a statement.

Moreover, the mini clutch is a perfect gift for expatriates like us to remind them of their journey. Its design and handmade craftsmanship make it a special and thoughtful present. Whether they’re around their state or looking for a stylish accessory, the mini clutch is an excellent choice.

The unique mini clutch with motif in leather  is a compact size. It can easily  hold all the essentials like cash, credit cards, lipstick, keys  making it a convenient accessory for those on the go.

Overall, it’s a piece of Houston, Texas that they can take with them wherever they go. The mini clutch is just the right size for taking along to concerts or for going out as they fit with measures requirements.

Get in touch if you want to pick your own leather combination.

Additional information

Weight .13 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 3.5 × .25 in
Color Options

Pink Flowers, Shiny python, Beige, Black / Pattern, Brown / Pattern, Cognac, Grey / Black, Grey / Pattern, Orange, Python, Red, Tan, Yellow