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  • Photography of the light brown mini clutch with a long horn cut out in cow hide.
    Picture of the dark brown pouch with a Texas state cut out.
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    Josette mini clutch in genuine leather


    Mini but mighty and full of character, this mini clutch has it all!

    This mini leather clutch is your number one must have! The Josette pouch will become your most precious accessory home to your valuables and life necessities. A big role calls for an even bigger look, customize your pouch from leathers, to a wide array of lining fabrics! Choose a cow head cut out and a Texas inspired lining for a more cowboy casual look or opt for a sleek black leather and a dainty star cut out for a more sophisticated style! It features a zippered closure with a leather lace pull and ring. It’s a bag that reflects your beautiful personality and tastes. Make it even more personal with an embossed monogram.
    • Handmade with authentic leather
    • One pocket finished with metal zipper
    • Bespoke cut out
    • Personalized embossed monogram on demand
    • Size: 5.5*4 inch
    • Price: $55
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  • Image of the black Parisian chained shoulder made in genuine leather.
    Image of the black and dark chocolate leather Parisian bag with side zippers opened.
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    Black Parisian Bag

    , ,

    Our black Parisian shoulder bag is perfect for week-end adventures or daily errands.

    Truly versatile with a sophisticated twist, a 3D version of our classic clutch, this black chained straps handbag is the perfect companion for the hip stylish outings, adding an extra touch of femininity to your night out. The Parisian Bag features a zipper along the bottom to expand to accommodate larger items. Unzip to show off the bottom gusset design feature made in either tonal or contrasting leather. Zip for a more classic look when extra room isn’t a must. Highlighting her truly French chic work, this black leather chain shoulder bag is Gwen’s ultimate creative adventure as it combines imagination with technical skill in her favorite material. All the work put into this bag was really worth it for the eye-catching bottom detail. No matter what we carry with us, we will leave it unzipped!
    • Handcrafted with authentic leather.
    • One large pocket.
    • Finished with two zippers to expand the bag.
    • Size : 8.5 x 10.5
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  • Image of the navy blue and gold gusset Parisian shoulder bag.
    Close-up of the front of the dark blue leather of the front of the shoulder bag.

    Blue Parisian Shoulder Bag

    , ,

    Our blue Parisian shoulder bag combine elegance, creativity and French flair!

    This 3D version of Gwen’s clutch is a true show stopper. This chain straps blue leather bag will add a feminine touch to any outfit and make you stand out in the crowd. And its compact design make it perfect for daily use or for a night out. The blue Parisian Bag can expand thanks to a zipper along the bottom to adapt to essentials of all size. Unzipped, it shows off a contrasting or tonal leather’s gusset. Zipped, this blue pouch reveals a simple but impressive look. This creative blue chain shoulder bag is representative of Gwen’s craftsmanship and French flair. It indeed combines elphile’s main factors of success: innovation, savoir-faire and great care for details. Zipped or unzipped, this handbag is made to impress!
    • Handcrafted with authentic leather.
    • One large pocket.
    • Finished with an assorted tassel.
    • Size : 8.5 x 10.5
  • Sold out
    Image of the zipped opening of the brown pleated shoulder bag..
    Image of the dark brown and leopard garment pleated bag.

    Black Pleated Bag

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    Plump and bubbly, the pleated bag just joined the family !

    Ride the pleated waves and explore the power of form and fold with this small but mighty leather bag. Every pleat is an emotion. Keep all your favorite memories and essentials in this cute chocolate black leather bag. It’s the perfect size for adventures and travels through the streets of Paris or the deserts of California. Made form the combination of two unique brown leathers and different texture, this chained shoulder bag is so simple yet so elegant. The new brown pleated handbag mixes style and creativity. A must-have to shine days and nights.
    • Handmade in genuine leather.
    • One inside pocket
    • Chained adjustable strap
    • Size : 6.5x9

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